Wonder Woman crosses the $200 million dollar mark worldwide for its opening weekend

Wonder Woman

For years the lines that circulated around about why studios didn’t delve into more female led superhero films was that “fans don’t want to watch it” or “it won’t make enough of it’s money back.” Wonder Woman definitely has something to say about that.

According to Box Office MojoWonder Woman destroyed all expectations as the film brought in $223 million worldwide with $100 million of that coming domestically and $122.5 million of that coming from 55 markets around the world. It’s opening takes are going to increase because there are still markets around the world where the film has yet to debut.

Because of those box office numbers Patty Jenkins now holds the record for largest domestic opening by a female director, beating out the previous record holder Sam Taylor-Johnson who directed Fifty Shades of Grey which had a $85.1 million opening.

The film audience skewed more towards female viewers (52%) and those over the age of 35 (47%) with male viewers coming in at 48% and viewers under the age of 18 coming in at 14%.

With the domestic numbers Wonder Woman has topped other superhero/comic book films like Iron Man ($98.6 million), Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($91.6 million), X-Men: Days of Future Past ($90.8 million), Doctor Strange ($85 million), and many others.

It didn’t bring in the numbers of previous DC Extended Universe films like Man of Steel ($116.6 million) or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($166 million), but it’s critical review and scores across the board are far higher meaning that it’s word of mouth will likely push the film to higher levels than those films in the long run and give it better staying power.

Another thing that will help with that is unlike those other films in the DCEU that have been pretty divisive, the amount of people that have already seen the film multiple times or that plan to do so across the internet is far greater on just appearances alone right now.




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