The Flash will reportedly feature a non-speedster big villain for season four

Flash Thinker

When it returns in the fall, The CW’s The Flash will finally be doing something a lot of fans have called for: featuring a big bad that isn’t a speedster.

After three seasons of speedsters like Reverse Flash, Zoom and Savitar the series is reportedly turning to the tech enhanced, telekinetic and mind controlling villain Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker, according to TVLine. 

This matches what showrunner Andrew Kreisberg said back March at PaleyFest that the show would move past speedy villains with it’s fourth season. It also comes as no surprise since DeVoe’s name was dropped multiple times in the series by Savitar & Abra Kadabra who are both from the future.

A former lawyer that turned to a life of crime, DeVoe created a device he called his “Thinking Cap” that gave him the telekinetic and mind controlling abilities he used against the original Flash Jay Garrick in the comics.

Over the years there have been four different versions of a character using the name Thinker. The names Clifford and DeVoe come from two different versions, meaning that the show will likely cherry pick things from each version of the character to use in the season possibly even including aspects from the version of the Thinker that was fully an A.I. type being.

The Flash returns to The CW later this year.


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