Supergirl adds Odette Annable as season three villain Reign

Supergirl Reign

Season two for The CW’s Supergirl might have just come to an end, but the Kryptonian hero already has a new foe to tackle when she returns in the fall.

Odette Annable from Pure Genius House, among other shows & films, has been cast in the role of the villain Reign for season three of Supergirl, according to Deadline. 

While not an iconic villain like many of the ones that have appeared on the series before, if Reign keeps her comic book origins she’ll come with some important ties to Kara.

Introduced during the Supergirl series that began with DC Comics 2011 New 52 Reboot, Reign is one of a handful of blood-thirty super-powered biological weapons called Worldkillers that were created by Kara’s Kryptonian father Zor-El. Banned by the Kryptonian Science Council, in the comics Reign and the others like her managed to survive the destruction of Krypton and she ended up on Earth to take on Kara.

Reportedly the television version of the character  will be based on the comics but will have a costume that will be a departure from the comics.

“Greg (Berlanti) and I have wanted to work with Odette for years,” said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. “We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign.”

Supergirl will return on Monday nights on The CW sometime this fall.



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