Iban Coello joins Cullen Bunn for Marvel’s fall launching Venomverse

Venomverse featured

This fall won’t only be a reunion of Cullen Bunn and Venom for the symbiote focused event series Venomverse, it will be the reunion of a creative team.

After being the ones to reveal the event writer, Nerdist is reporting that Deadpool and the Mercs for Money artist Iban Coello will be reuniting with Bunn, who wrote the Deadpool series, as the artist for Venomverse.

Venomverse 01 - 1Venomverse 01 - 2Venomverse 01 - 3

Coello & Bunn’s event will bring the newly reunited Eddie Brock & Venom symbiote on an adventure across the multiverse as they team up with Venom duos from various worlds to take on the threat of the Poisons, a new group of beings that are the natural enemies of the symbiotes.  Just like the previous Spiderverse event that it’s taking cues from, Venomverse will feature various versions of Venom including characters like Black Panther, Old Man Logan, Rocket Raccoon, Mary Jane Watson, Punisher, Ghost Rider and others.

Venomverse 01 - 4Venomverse 01 - 5Venomverse 01 - 6

The main Venomverse series will run alongside the upcoming Edges of Venomverse miniseries as well as a fall launching anthology series titled Venomverse: War Stories that will include a Venom Punisher story written & drawn by Declan Shalvey.

Edge of Venomverse kicks off on June 28 while Venomverse #1 arrives on September 06.



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