Screen Junkies takes an Honest Trailers swipe at Halle Berry’s Catwoman


While Wonder Woman will be the first major female superhero focused film to come from Marvel or DC, it’s not the first time that either has attempted a female led film. Unfortunately those previous attempts are films that most fans wish had been forgotten or never attempted.

Warner Bros. 2004 Catwoman is one of those films, and is also the latest focus for Screen Junkies fun and sarcastic series Honest Trailers.

The Halle Berry starring film took a large departure away from the comic book version of the character and even from the previously seen on the big screen version played by Michelle Pfeiffer. It was poorly received by critics & general audiences alike, and it and 2005’s Elektra have long been used by studio executives as an excuse for why they haven’t attempted more female superhero films till now.



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