Cullen Bunn pits the Venoms of the multiverse against a new threat in Venomverse

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Spider-Man’s symbiote bonded sometimes ally but mostly just an adversary is taking the spotlight this fall for a big event, as Marvel Comics has begun to reveal details about their big Venomverse story. Revealed through Nerdist, the event series will spin out of this summer’s Edge of Venomverse miniseries, which sees various characters around the multiverse taking on the mantle of Venom, and will bring former Venom writer Cullen Bunn back in to tackle the character once more.

Unlike Bunn’s last run on the title Flash Thompson is no longer the one bonded with the symbiote. The latest Venom series brought the symbiote back to Earth to a new host named Lee Price but that didn’t last too long as now the symbiote has returned to it’s original host that came after Spider-Man, Eddie Brock.


Clayton Crain’s art for the series shows that just like the Spider-Man event Spiderverse, the Venom focused storyline will see characters bonded with the symbiote from across the multiverse coming together against a personal threat. While Morlun and the Inheritors were the ones after the Spider heroes in the previous event the newly created beings called The Poison are coming for Brock and his counterparts.

“The Poisons will present a unique challenge for these Venoms, who’re some of the strongest and most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe,” Marvel Editor Devin Lewis said. “They’re nature’s answer to the symbiotes.”

Marvel characters including Black Panther, Old Man Logan, Rocket Raccoon, Mary Jane Watson, Punisher, Ghost Rider and others will have Venomized versions featured during Venomverse. In addition to the upcoming Edges of Venomverse miniseries there will also be an anthology series running alongside the main Venomverse story titled Venomverse: War Stories, which will include a Venom Punisher issue written & drawn by Declan Shalvey

Edge of Venomverse kicks off on June 28 while Venomverse #1 arrives on September 06.



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