Old Lace joins in on Marvel’s Runaways return teasers

Marvel's Runaways

Marvel is picking up speed with their teasers for Runaways return as a comic series at the publisher. Since Chase Stein was the one released earlier in the day, it only makes sense that is companion Old Lace would get her own teaser soon after.

Originally the the genetically engineered Deinonychus was paired with Gertrude Yorkes, known as Arsenic, and the two shared a psychic bond meaning they felt each others pain, thoughts and emotional states. When Gert died she transferred that psychic bond over to her boyfriend Chase.

Runaways Old Lace

While other members of the Runaways have appeared off an on over the years, Old Lace hasn’t. Seemingly killed during the third volume of the series, she was revealed to still be alive a few years later in the series Avengers Academy but hasn’t appeared since then.

Marvel kicked off the teasers earlier in the week with team leader Nico Minoru, the magically inclined character otherwise known as Sister Grimm.

There is still no word on any sort of creative team or timeline for the debut of the new series, other than it will be sometime this year. Kris Anka has been the one drawing all of these teasers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be the artist for the series.

Most likely the title will make it’s debut during the big relaunch/renumbering that is set to come with this fall’s Legacy initiative.



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