Marvel brings out Chase Stein to continue teasing the Runaways comic return

Following the first teaser that featured resident magician Nico Minoru, Marvel has released a second teaser for a new Runaways comics series. This one focuses on the tech wielding bonded to a dinosaur jock, who took on the mantle of the hero Darkhawk for a short time a few years ago, Chase Stein.


There is still no word on any sort of creative team or timeline for the debut of the new series, other than it will be sometime this year. Kris Anka has been the one drawing all of these teasers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be the artist for the series.

Most likely the title will make it’s debut during the big relaunch/renumbering that is set to come with this fall’s Legacy initiative.

Created in 2003 by Brian K. Vaughn & Adrian Alphona, Runaways followed six teenagers who found out that their parents were secretly the supervillain group known as The Pride who controlled all the crime on the West Coast. Rebelling against their murderous & evil parents, the teens went on the run and some of them discovered they had special abilities gained through mutant powers, magical items, technology, and even alien genetics that they used to fight against their parents and others.

Various other creators took over the title after Vaughn and Alphona left, but there hasn’t been a regular Ruanways title since the third volume of the series ended in 2009 but the characters appeared in other books over the years. The series was briefly resurrected, featuring different characters, as one of the alternate universe series during 2015’s Secret Wars event.


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