Sony officially casts Tom Hardy as Venom & is in talks with Ruben Fleischer to direct

Things have been relatively quiet since Sony Pictures announced that they were once more pursuing a series of films starring Spider-Man’s nemesis Venom. Now the studio has broken some pretty big and surprising news, they have found their Eddie Brock/Venom.

Taking to Twitter, the studio has revealed that Tom Hardy will be slapping on the symbiotic suit for their big screen franchise.

Hardy of course is now stranger to comic book related films after playing Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Also it has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Zombieland‘s Ruben Fleischer is in final talks to direct the film. Earlier in the year there were reports that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 writer Alex Kurtzman was in talks for the director job.

It makes sense that the studio is moving quickly with the film since they quickly snatched up an October 5, 2018 release date as soon as Warner Bros. moved Aquaman out of that date back in March.

So far how this Venom film will work without being connected to Spider-Man’s films, since those films are co-produced now by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, hasn’t been fully explained. There are many ways that the studio could potentially go, but the question of if Spider-Man’s foe can stand alone in his own franchise is one that will remain till the film debuts.

Grabbing someone like Hardy for the lead role likely will help the studio with the aspect of convincing people to see what they have in store.


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