Updated: Billy Crudup still reportedly attached to The Flash as film moves closer to finding a new director

JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer 1 (screen grab) CR: Warner Bros. Pictures

Updated 05/17/2017 – 1:55 p.m.: News for Warner Bros. The Flash isn’t as dire as was reported. While Entertainment Weekly previously reported that Billy Crudup had dropped out of his role as Henry Allen in the film, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that this isn’t the case.

According to THR, Crudup is still firmly attached to the film even with the losses of directors and release dates. Since there are reports that Warner Bros. is close to finding a director, Back to the Future‘s Robert Zemeckis as the top choice, there is potentially some momentum coming for the formerly stalled project.

A heavier schedule for Ezra Miller, who is playing Barry Allen/Flash, could push the film back a bit more since he has blown up in popularity since signing up to the the scarlet speedster.

Original Story: When it comes to the big screen, the fastest man alive is running into trouble once more. Already suffering through the loss of multiple directors, losing it’s original March 2018 release date and reportedly undergoing a complete rewrite for it’s script, Warner Bros. The Flash film has now lost one of its cast members.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Billy Crudup is no longer attached to the film to play Henry Allen the father of Barry Allen/The Flash.

While The Flash had been delayed, Crudup had already played Henry Allen in the upcoming Justice League and was even glimpsed in the first trailer for the film. With his reported departure that would guarantee that this scene will no longer appear in the film since they will have to recast the part potentially depending on what happens in the new script.

Among all the bad news, there is some potentially good news for the film. According to reports Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis is at the top of Warner Bros. short list of directors to replace Rick Famuyiwa who left the film last year citing creative differences. This list also reportedly includes Matthew Vaughn, who was rumored to be looking at Man of Steel 2, and did include former Spider-Man directors Sam Raimi and Marc Webb who both reportedly have passed on the film.

Zemeckis was rumored last month as the top choice of Warner Bros., but because the director is set to work on a film soon with Steve Carell he’s not fully a lock yet. Likely the issue will be figuring out when Warner Bros. wants to have this film come out.

Since it’s no longer making its March 2018 release date the studio is facing the reality that they may only have Aquaman, coming out in December, coming out of the DCEU in 2018. Currently The BatmanGotham City SirensSuicide Squad 2 and the other reported films the studio is eyeing are all films that likely won’t happen till 2019 or later.

At this point it doesn’t seem likely that the Flash will run solo anytime before 2019 at the earliest as well.


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