NBC has officially canceled DC’s Powerless

NBC Powerless

It’s that time of year where the proverbial ax is being dropped on shows, and DC Entertainment’s adventure into comedy is one of those shows coming to an end. After only one season, NBC’s comedic workplace in the world of superhero series Powerless is officially canceled, according to Deadline. 

Signs that the show was on rocky grounds came early in April when NBC suddenly pulled the three remaining episodes of the season off their schedule. As of now there is no news if those three episodes will ever air or if they’ll only end up on some potential DVD set at some point.

Powerless starred Vanessa Hudgens and focused on the lives of a group working at Wayne Industries to create devices that could help protect citizens from the destruction and loss that comes with super powered battles. It also starred Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk, Ron Funches and Alan Tudyk who played Van Wayne who was a cousin of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Originally the series was supposed to take place in an insurance company that worked to insure those that kept losing their homes or businesses to hero/villain battles. Reportedly the first episode that premiered, after it was announced the setting had dramatically changed, was far different in tone and plot from the pilot that had been previously aired during San Diego Comic Con.

Debuting to really soft ratings, the series never recovered in subsequent weeks.


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