Welcome to the new Geekfinity


Sometimes when you have a vision for something, in the execution of that vision you can begin to lose that path. Not that the paths you might end up on instead or bad, they just aren’t the path that one thought they wanted to travel.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes you divert off your envisioned path and find a new fulfilling one. Other times you lose your way and need to just have the courage to wipe the slate clean and start down your chosen path again.

That’s what happened with Geekfinity.

Almost three years ago, the site turns 3 in June, coasting on the journalistic highs of working on the college newspaper for quite a few years I had a vision. That vision was for a website of my own that would allow me to really delve into writing about all my geeky passions, and allow others to do the same.

“Everyone is a geek for something.”

That was and remains the guiding principle for this website. The idea that being a geek about something isn’t reserved to comics, movies, games, etc.

People geek out about lots of things from cars to sports to politics/history, etc. We all have our geeky passions, things that we tremendously love and devote great amounts of time to.

Somewhere along the way the vision got a bit lost and the site turned into mostly just breaking news style stuff (which will remain as it’s very important) with just a few random/rare features or opinion pieces. Being that it was mostly myself writing what appeared on site, it comes down to the fact that I didn’t do the work needed to make the site into what it should be.

As the third anniversary began to become a closer to reality thing, I was faced with a choice. Continue on the path the site is currently on and hope it turns around at some point or actively work to make it back towards what I want to do.

I chose action over being passive.

Thus the huge changes to the site that have just happened and this piece reaching out to you all.

All of the previous content has been removed, but still exists. Instead of being on here it is now on a Geekfinity Archive. This was done for multiple reasons.

First of all it gives the site a sort of fresh start without fully losing everything that was worked on over two years. Second WordPress gives out 3 GB of storage space to free sites and as it stood before the previous content had just about used that all up.

Once the site begins to make some money, that is the long term goal & will include a Patreon starting soon, and the site is upgraded to the business or pro level with much more space the previous work that is archived will likely be brought back over to make one unified website.

This fresh start that is coming is going to include working to get back to what my original vision is. This will include more feature style stories, opinion stories, reviews and other content focused upon comic books, movies, TV shows with some delving into video games.

Eventually the scope of what is covered will grow, but for now with the topics covered I want to go for a more quality over quantity style focus. Once more writers and such begin to board, we can expand our scope to many more forms of entertainment that fit into people’s geeky niches of choice.

Some of the things that are coming are:

  • It Came From the Longbox: A regular comic book review column that will look at both currently released comics as well as some older comics to give a spotlight to the great comics that have come before.
  • The Week That Was: A weekly recap of all the news/stories of the week to bring eyes back to anything that one might have missed. Especially since certain weeks tend to get heavy with news.
  • The Red Eye: My personal opinion column where I’ll delve into my thoughts on many topics across the geeky world. Previous columns dealt with comic book events, easing the toxicity of fandom, how reboots aren’t ruining childhoods and other topics.
  • Five Points: A regular feature that offers up five ideas/thoughts/suggestions/etc about a property. Ways to make something better, or perhaps things that the writer feels a property should avoid going forward, or things of that nature.
  • Eventually movie reviews & TV recaps are something that should become close to regular.
  • Interviews with writers, artists, creators of various entertainment mediums, cosplayers, actors, etc are something that I want to pursue for the site as well.
  • And much, much more as we continue to grow

With a lot of negativity growing online among many of the geeky sites, I want this to always be a place where one can find enjoyment. No click bait style articles just to get people here or to push people to rage about things.

This will be a place for discussions full of opinions and thoughts of all sides. I want you the readers to feel engaged in what we present, and also help us gear the site better to fit what you want to see out of a geek entertainment/news site.

So here’s to the brand new Geekfinity 2.0! Let’s make it the best that it can be for years to come.


Share your thoughts with us!

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