Marvel Comics ten-part Generations series will team up heroes new & old


Last month Marvel Comics dropped an Alex Ross drawn piece of art titled “Generations,” featuring various versions of their iconic characters. Nothing else was given out about the image at the time, leaving fans to ponder just what it could mean.

Now ABC News has gotten the answers out of the publisher.

Generations is a ten-part limited series that runs from July through September and will see the ten pairings on the original image played out in each issue, putting a previous version of a character and the person that has taken up their legacy together in a story.

  • Iron Man (Tony Stark and Riri Williams) – written by Brian Michael Bendis
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker and Miles Morales) – Brian Michael Bendis
  • Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan) – G. Willow Wilson
  • Thor (Odinson and Jane Foster) – Jason Aaron
  • Hawkeye (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop) – Kelly Thompson
  • Hulk (Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho) – Greg Pak
  • Jean Grey (young and older) – Dennis Hopeless
  • Wolverine (Logan and X23) – Tom Taylor
  • Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers) – Margie Stohl
  • Captain America (Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson) – Nick Spencer

“We are looking to honor the legacy of the entire universe, so we are taking the iconic legacy heroes and pairing them with the new class,” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “It very much indicates where we are going in the future with all of these characters and what we’ve been planning for some time for the universe.”

Since some of the characters like the older Jean Grey, Wolverine and Bruce Banner are currently dead in continuity (and not likely to be fully resurrected all at the same time in a lower key event like this) and younger versions of current characters like Carol Danvers the series is likely to be one that features some timey-wimey style shenanigans to bring the characters together.

“How did we do this is part of the fun,” Alonso said. “Right now, Rogers isn’t much of a good guy. Why would Sam want to team up with him? Banner’s dead! Logan’s dead! These are questions that demand to be seen. What I will tell you is we have an ingenious device [to bring them back].”

Generations is fully in continuity and is said to have lasting implications for the characters involved and shine a light on where Marvel will be taking many of the characters in the future.

Marvel has been testing the idea of multiple versions of characters running around, with the two Spider-Men and Old Man Logan running around with Laura as Wolverine, much like DC Comics has done over the years. So there is a chance that some of these older versions could stick around after the story, but most of them have either just recently died like Bruce Banner or would potentially interfere with their younger version getting spotlight like with young Jean Grey just about to get her own series soon.

Time will tell what happens with the story. Generations arrives this summer.



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