The X-Men 90’s cartoon theme is back in Marvel’s new ResurrXion trailer

Marvel Comics is going all in with the 90’s nostalgia for their X-Men relaunch under the ResurrXion banner. Following the reveal of some remastered Jim Lee covers for the first issues of X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, Lee of course had a big run on X-Men in the 90s, they’ve now released a trailer for the initiative with a very familiar tune.

Yes that is indeed the theme song of the 90’s hit X-Men: The Animated Series that is playing over art images from all ten of the ResurrXion branded titles. Those titles are the aforementioned X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold along with Generation X, All-New Wolverine, Old man Logan, Cable, Iceman, Weapon X, Jean Grey and Astonishing X-Men. 

This theme song is fitting for what has been seen of the new titles that are directly pulling from the 90’s era with the blue and gold team monikers, colorful costumes, the return to following Xavier’s dream while being superheroes, and the return of titles for Cable and Generation X.

ResurrXion follows the recent Inhumans vs. X-Men series that saw the two sides fighting one another over the fate of the Terrigen cloud before they came together and are both forging new destinies as part of the big relaunch. The X-Men’s part of ResurrXion kicks off on March 29 with X-Men Prime #1 followed by the debut of X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue in April.


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