Steve Trevor takes the spotlight in a new DC Comics Wonder Woman one-shot

While the spotlight is correctly on Wonder Woman this year with the debut of her first ever solo live-action movie only a few months away, her longtime ally and sometime lover Steve Trevor won’t be left out of the celebration.

DC Comics has announced that Steve will be the focus of a June launching one-shot, Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1, by Tim Seely (Nightwing, Grayson) and Christian Duce (Detective Comics, Batman & Robin Eternal).

“Steve and Diana’s longtime friendship, despite their coming from separate worlds, is inspiring. But in this story, we’ll get a chance to see Steve come face to face with a villain from Wonder Woman’s past, who he’ll have to overcome without her help, ” said Seeley. “I’m excited to dive back into the life of Steve Trevor, and give him a new and crazy adventure of his own.”


Since his debut in 1941 in All Star Comics #8, Trevor has been an important person in Diana’s life. He was the first man that she encountered after he ended up on Themyscira and over the years they have fluctuated between friends and lovers depending on the stories, the recent DC Rebirth refreshing their relationship after Wonder Woman spent years of the New 52 DC Comics era dating Superman.

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1 arrives on June 7.


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