Marvel goes old school & revives the corner box art for X-Men ResurrXion titles



It turns out that Marvel’s ResurrXion won’t just revive Xavier’s dream and old school versions of the X-Men teams, it will also bring back a former staple of comics that was lost over time: corner box art.

Reported by Comic Book Resources, all of the X-Men titles under the ResurrXion banner coming out starting in April will come with the revived corner box artwork. Unlike the past where the art was contained within an actual box in the corner, the Leonard Kirk and Michael Garland updated version will feature art of the characters in the book located within the large X on the cover that will either be right behind the logo of a book or will be incorporated into the logo of books.

Comic books in the past had corner boxes that were used to show art from the book, the lineup of characters that could be found in the book, which particular characters a team book’s issue might focus on, tell jokes, tease stories and just add to the cover overall.

Eventually though the practice began to fall by the wayside until it was fully abandoned as the way covers were presented was changed. Recently Marvel has toyed around with the return of corner boxes with some of their variant covers for select titles and issues.

Check out the updated corner boxes on the first covers of many of the ResurrXion issues below.

ResurrXion kicks off in April through July with the new series X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, Generation X, Weapon X, Iceman, Jean Grey, Cable and Astonishing X-Men all debuting at different points in those months. Continuing series All-New Wolverine and Old Man Logan will also be part of the initiative.




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