Marvel’s mystery X-Men title adds Gambit & Psylocke to an already stacked cast

Day three of Marvel’s mystery X-Men ResurrXion title brings aboard two characters with deep ties to the X-Men and to the rest of the members on the already revealed cast.

Previously Marvel released teasers that featured Old Man Logan & Archangel and Rogue & Mystique. Former Uncanny X-Men member Psylocke and the king of thieves Gambit are the latest revelations for the title, leaving the final shadowed revelations to be revealed tomorrow per the caption on the tweet.

X-Men Teaser 3

Psylocke has been going through some tough times over the last few years all stemming back to times that she has spent on the various X-Force teams and the lengths that she’s had to go to protect mutants, including having a falling out with Magneto in recent Uncanny X-Men issues. Betsy has deep ties to Archangel that are still being explored with his recent return, and with Wolverine but hasn’t done much with the new Old Man Logan version.

While he’s been an X-Man many times over the years, Gambit has been outside of the team for many years since he took over as leader of the Thieves Guild. His relationship with Rogue has evolved from one that was romantic to one that is more friend like, though there have been hints in Uncanny Avengers that she’s still in love with her former boyfriend.

Previously many, including us here, assumed this could be a new X-Force title but this cast doesn’t seem to fully support that. With the amount of X-Men titles there have been over the years there are any number of possibilities for titles that are not currently in use and the first revelation from Marvel claimed this title is one that fans have been demanding.

ResurrXion kicks off with the X-Men Prime #1 issue before rolling out X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, Generation X, Cable, Iceman, Weapon X and Jean Grey titles over the next few months.

Based upon the shapes of the shadows that appear to be large guns, the good money on the final revelations are Cable and Deadpool or possibly even Fantomex being the final members of the team.

What title do you think this is and who else do you think will be on the team? Comment below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with your thoughts.


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