Rogue & Mystique join Old Man Logan and Archangel for mystery X-Men title

Another day brings another teaser for a mysterious X-Men ResurrXion related series from Marvel Comics.

Previously Marvel released an image on Twitter with Old Man Logan and Archangel as part of the team with the rest of the members all darkened in shadow. Today the new image has revealed that this mysterious team will also count Uncanny Avengers leader Rogue and her mother/nemesis Mystique among the cast.

X-Men Teaser 2

Rogue’s part on the team seems to possibly negate the idea that this team could be a new X-Force, unless the team’s mission statement is vastly different than the recent past since Rogue is an Avengers leader now.

Mystique is an interesting addition in regards to her shifting back and forth between being someone that is on the X-Men and someone that is against them in the last few years or so.

ResurrXion kicks off with the X-Men Prime #1 issue before rolling out X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, Generation X, Cable, Iceman, Weapon X and Jean Grey titles over the next few months.

Likely more of these teasers will dropped throughout the week, including possibly a revelation of a creative team and name of the title at some point.

What title do you think this is and who else do you think will be on the team? Comment below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with your thoughts.


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