Marvel teases a mysterious new X-Men series featuring Old Man Logan & Archangel

While the ResurrXion titles for the X-Men seemed pretty set, the publisher is pulling an ace out of their sleeve to tease a surprise title arriving in June, announced through Twitter. There is no word about what the title might be but so far from the tweeted image it’s clear that Archangel and Old Man Logan are part of this team which narrows down the titles that it might be.

The tweet caption just said: “The comic series fans have been demanding! Coming June 2017.

X-Men Teaser

Recently it was suggested by editors that Psylocke and Archangel would both be seen after their Uncanny X-Men stint ends at the start of ResurrXion, so Psylocke seems a lock for this team. With these being more violent and hardcore mutants so far it seems likely this will be a new X-Force volume.

Other possibilities for the team would include the likes of Cable and Deadpool, likely the two characters that seem to be holding guns in the image, or even other stalwarts of the team and former members like Domino or Hope or even someone like Mirage/Moonstar.

ResurrXion kicks off with the X-Men Prime #1 issue before rolling out X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, Generation X, Cable, Iceman, Weapon X and Jean Grey titles over the next few months.

Likely more of these teasers will dropped throughout the week, including possibly a revelation of a creative team and name of the title at some point.

What title do you think this is and who else do you think will be on the team? Comment below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with your thoughts.



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