Venom takes over the Marvel Universe in the June miniseries Edge of Venomverse

This summer the sinister symbiotes of the Marvel Universe are getting their tentacles on some of your favorite characters. Edge of Venomverse is a five-issue miniseries that spins out of the events of the Venom series & the current Venomized Variant Cover Program.

In continuity, the series will seethe most popular of the Venomized Variant Cover characters wreaking havoc across the Marvel Universe under the guidance of a slew of unrevealed Marvel creators.


Currently the brand new Venom series, which launched at the end of 2016, has the former anti-hero symbiote being subjugated by a new host named Lee Price. In May the series will celebrate 150 issues of Venom related series over the years by jumping back to a legacy numbering (#150) and will bring back the original Venom host Eddie Brock.

Marvel’s press release states that more information, including the creative team(s), will be revealed later. Edge of Venomverse #1 goes on sale in June.



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