Ed Brisson & Mike Deodato Jr. pit Logan vs the Maestro as the new Old Man Logan creative team

As the X-Men & Inhumans prepare to move into their separate title relaunches under the ResurrXion banner this spring, the question of who will guide the continuing adventures of Old Man Logan going forward has been answered.

Beginning with issue 25 Ed Brisson and Mike Deodato Jr. will take over to tell the stories of the alternate future displaced clawed mutant, according to GameSpot.


Their first story will throw him right into the think of things as the Maestro, an alternate reality super-smart version of the Hulk will come to the present day to take Logan on.

“Logan’s already battled a future version of Banner who’d gone full hillbilly, and I think the dynamic of him battling against a different, smarter, and more motivated Bruce Banner would be an interesting fight. What if the Wasteland Banner had set a higher bar for himself? What if instead of hiding in a cave, pumping out Hulk babies and acting like a slumlord, he’d instead set his sights on ruling ALL of America? The world? He certainly had the muscle to make it a very real possibility,” Brisson said. “Maestro, on the other hand, comes from a future where he DID run everything, even without his very own army of Hulks. So, this is a chance to see how Maestro would utilize that. He’s a man with a plan. From Logan’s perspective, there’s now a threat of Hulks from the future who’re here, who shouldn’t be here, which sets his own anxieties and fears off. He’s only recently begun to accept that his future isn’t this world’s future. And now that future has landed right on his doorstep. How does he cope?”

In the story Brisson said it will be explained how this version of the Maestro not only got to the Marvel Prime Universe but also how he got a Hulk Gang of his own and how he feels about the Wasteland Banner that Logan knew in his future.

Jeff Lemire’s run on the title, which he started after 2015’s Secret Wars event with artist Andrea Sorrentino, wraps up in issue 24 after a four-part storyline called “Past Lives” that visits various eras of Logan’s life. 

Old Man Logan #25 arrives in June.



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