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See The Doctor through the eyes of his newest companion in series 10 trailer

In many ways the role of the companions on Doctor Who is to give the viewers a set of eyes within the crazy world of The Doctor, each of them offering a different perspective on the time travelling alien, humanity and where people have come from and where they are going.

That’s the role that Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts will fill in the upcoming 10th series of the revitalized British science fiction series, since it made it’s return in 2005, and it’s a role that she embodies in the brand new series trailer that gives Bill’s first impression of The Doctor.

Bill’s addition comes at a time for upcoming changes to the series, with her arriving to fill the hole of departed companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) who left in series nine. At the same time the series is about to lose it’s showrunner and current version of The Doctor as both Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi are set to depart the series with the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special.

Chris Chibnall will take over as the showrunner for series eleven, and will begin the search for a brand new Doctor once he finishes work on season three of Broaadchurch.

Series 10 of Doctor Who stars Capaldi, Mackie and  Matt Lucas as Nardole and debuts on April 15 on both BBC One and BBC America. The BBC America debut will be followed by the premiere of the latest Doctor Who spinoff Class, which debuted in the U.K. in 2016.



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