Marvel Comics teases a Hulk & Wolverine mashup in mystery teaser image

Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso is gave fans a little Friday morning tease by releasing a mysterious image on Twitter that features a figure that seems to be a combination of the Hulk and Wolverine.

There is no other word about the image in the tweet other than the caption “Under construction.”


There are a few possibilities regarding the image.

In the recent May solicitations for Marvel it was revealed that the Greg Pak written The Totally Awesome Hulk is having a sort of stealth crossover with his upcoming new series Weapon X, in the sense that characters and themes from Weapon X will show up in the Hulk series. It was teased in the solicit that Weapon X is trying to create new weapons to take down mutants and Amadeus Cho as the Hulk is their latest target.

Perhaps this will explain the image, them using him to create some new Hulk weapon of their own.

Another possibility stems from the fact that following an adventure in The Uncanny Avengers where the mystical ninjas The Hand resurrected the Hulk, the Avengers gave Bruce Banner’s dead body over to Steve Rogers. The Captain America that is a member of Hydra and is about to try to take over the world in this summer’s Secret Empire event.

This new Hulk/Wolverine mashup could very well be some plan of Rogers or Hydra in their quest to take over.

More information is likely to be teased closer to the release of whatever story or event this image refers to.


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