Marvel & Alex Ross teaser focuses on the Generations of Marvel heroes

Over the years there have been many changes that have come in regards to the big name heroes of the Marvel Universe. Alternate reality older or younger versions have replaced some of the heroes while others have been replaced by a new younger character who is proudly holding up the legendary mantle.

In some cases there are double versions of characters as two Spider-Men swing through the skies, Thor Odinson tries to gain his legacy back as Jane Foster is the main Thor of the universe, two Novas fly around and two Captain Americas on different journeys are about to clash this summer.

Those various different versions of characters are featured in the latest mysterious teaser that the publisher has released. Revealed on Twitter, the Alex Ross drawn piece of art has all those characters and others along with the word “Generations” at the bottom.


There is nothing else provided with the image. This summer the publisher is running the Secret Empire event as their main story, but this very well could be another event that will run alongside it or even later this year.

It’s possible that this could even be a new publishing initiative that goes through various titles, a limited series featuring the characters, or so many other things. Only time will tell as Marvel is likely to reveal more information as the year moves on.



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