Marvel’s summer event Secret Empire rallies the heroes against Hydra Captain America


After a slew of teasers Marvel Comics has finally revealed the details on their next summer event, Secret Empire. Revealed through ABC News, the nine-issue series by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven is the culmination of everything that Spencer has been building in Captain America: Sam Wilson and Captain America: Steve Rogers.

Following the events of last year’s event Civil War II, the heroes are divided and trying to pick up the pieces which is where the secretly Hydra Steve Rogers version of Captain America comes in. During the conclusion of Civil War II Rogers was given control over S.H.I.E.L.D. and revealed to a comatose Tony Stark that he had seen a vision of the future where through him Hydra had taken over the world.

“Steve has been kind of lining his dominoes up around the Marvel Universe to be able to make his move and bring about a Hydra revolution, a takeover,” Marvel’s Senior Vice President Tom Brevoort said. “At the point of ‘Secret Empire,’ they are ready to go. That’s the moment we hit as we go in.”



While Captain America’s allegiance has been secret through the events of his solo series, he’ll be unmasked as a Hydra agent early in the series.

“His plans and Hydra’s plans will have begun to unfurl,” Brevoort continued. “We are done with the covert portion, the buildup portion of the program, ‘Secret Empire’ if the pyrotechnics, the big Michael Bay blockbuster, huge colossal struggles and battles across the Marvel Universe, with all of our key characters and players taking on a big role.”

The series kicks off with an issue #0 in April that Brevoort called “the worst day of the Marvel Universe.”

Brevoort said that the worst day comes about when three separate events that threaten the world break out at once and Steve as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. mobilizes forces to handle all three of the vents. The three event are the first move of Hydra to make that future Rogers saw come true.

With both Civil War II and the currently running Inhumans vs X-Men being events that are pitting heroes against each other, Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said that this event will not follow that pattern.

“We’ve just come off of Civil War 2 and Inhumans vs. X-Men, two big, dark events that had heroes fighting against heroes, over somewhat defensible positions. This is very much more an old school story,” Alonso said. “You will know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. This is not heroes fighting heroes, this is heroes fighting a bad guy.”



Those closest to Rogers will feature in the story as will a great portion of the Marvel Universe, who will all be affected by the revelations surrounding Steve’s loyalty and his plans for the Marvel Universe. Alonso promised the event will stand as a story that will unite the fractured Marvel Universe at last.

“We saw this moment as our chance to rally the entire Marvel Universe, which has been fragmented of late,” Alonso said. “We saw this as the rallying cry, where we could have everyone — Avengers, Guardians, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, Deadpool — all rally against this thing and unify the universe into the future.”

Secret Empire kicks off in April with it’s zero issue followed by issue #1 in May and the event wrapping up in August.





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