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The Red Eye: It’s time to stop running constant stories about Ben Affleck & Batman



At long last fans are going to finally get to see Wonder Woman cut loose in her own feature film this summer and then to top it off will get to see the Justice League finally come together on the big screen as well.

The only problem is, all anyone wants to talk about is Ben Affleck’s Batman movie.

Will it happen? When will it happen? Is he backing out? Is he still excited about it? Can he direct and act in the heavy suit at the same time?

All this and more seems to be the constant talk of the town on the internet, and it needs to stop.

Yes, we’re all excited that Affleck will be writing, directing and staring in a solo Batman film that is set firmly in the DC Extended Universe and has plans for the likes of Deathstroke and more. Thing is, that film isn’t coming till 2018 or even 2019.

The fact that a male hero film is stealing all the spotlight in 2017 already when the first big comic book female led film is just months away from arriving is just another example of the overall problem with comic books and their films when it comes to female characters.

Even when it’s her year, Wonder Woman is still being overshadowed by Batman.

Wonder Woman already has a massive uphill battle to fight this year with being the first female focused film from DC or Marvel and because of the critical issues from Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad last year. She shouldn’t have to be fighting for popularity and spotlight time against a film that’s not even made yet at the same time.

Let’s not heap onto the pile folks.




And yes I know, Batman is one of the most popular and iconic characters out there. Alongside the likes of Spider-Man and Superman.

The problem is that talking about all these rumors, most of them unsubstantiated and coming off like click bait, overshadows everything and points to the issue that DCEU faces. Batman is their popular character and for the longest time they only made Batman movies with a few Superman ones sprinkled in.

That’s not to say that Wonder Woman will not get the attention it deserves and more when it comes out, but letting Batman overshadow the other characters in every way should be something nipped in the bud right now by Warner Bros., by news sites, by everyone.

Batman has been a staple of our TV and movie screens forever. There is no reason to be so fixated on his new film when it’s still a year or two away.

Running stories every other day about the “will he or won’t he” when it comes to Affleck and Batman gets us nowhere. It just keeps people from talking about the films that need a boost of conversation.

That being said, if some solid news come out about Affleck walking away or having issues then yes run it as that is news that people might want to know. But running the same stories that have no facts or proof and are just speculation is an utter waste of time.

So let’s all take a step back from the keyboard and think about ways that we can start talking about Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps, Shazam and others in the same way that Batman is being covered right now.





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