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FXX has released two short teasers for season eight of Archer

Following the news that Archer is switching networks this year, from FX to FXX, two new 15 second teasers have arrived for the eighth season of the series.

Not only is the show getting a new season & moving to a new network, the show will be taking place in a new era as it takes on the surname “Dreamland.” This jump in location and time along with the surname fits as the new season is said to take place in the mind of a comatose Archer following the events of season seven’s finale.

Archer will enjoy FXX as it’s new home for at least three seasons, as the show was renewed last summer for seasons eight through 10 which are expected to be the last ones. All three of the new seasons will consist of eight episodes, slightly fewer than normal, with season eight expected sometime early this year and nine & 10 expected to follow in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

There is no release date for Archer: Dreamland but the promos both say sometime this spring.


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