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Saw Gerrera shows no mercy in the latest Star Wars Rebels teaser

After debuting in animated form on Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2012, the character of Saw Gerrera made the leap to live action this year, in the form of Forest Whitaker, in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to help the rebellion in their quest to gain the Death Star plans. Now the character is returning to his animated roots.

A brand new promo for the return of Star Wars Rebels third season features Saw Gerrera in both live-action and animated form as it uses the hit movie to tease telling more of the character’s story in regards to the Rebel Alliance. While Andrew Kishino voiced the original animated version of Saw, Whitaker will dive into the animated world to continue to bring life to the original rebel.

Debuting as a member of the Onderon rebels fighting back against Confederacy of Independent Systems in a three part arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Saw has proven to be someone willing to go to further in his rebellion than others. From the preview it’s clear that his extreme ways are about to cause some friction between him and the crew of the Ghost.

Saw may not be the only tie to Rogue One that appears in the episode “Ghosts of Geonosis,” as that world first appeared in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and was the world where the Death Star began it’s construction. Set a few years before the events of Rogue OneRebels seems to be putting some of the pieces on the board that help lead towards that film and the ones come after it.

Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD on January 7.


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