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Geekfinity’s Favorites of 2016: Movie Trailers


General consensus is that 2016 was a pretty rough year for society as a whole, for many different reasons that range from personal to politics to the loss of many bright lights in the creative community. That being said, there were a great many things that were still bright shining spots in the dour year that was 2016 and over the next few days we will point out our favorites in various of those areas.

We start off this spotlight of favorites with movie trailers! While not all the films that came out this year were not what we all expected or wanted, trailers for those films and for films still to come were amazing in many cases.

Check out our 15 favorite trailers below and share your own in the comments below or through Twitter and/or Facebook!



When it comes to trailers (whether in teaser or full blown trailer mode) one of the key things that they need to do is get you talking about the film. When it comes to this teaser for the third film of the Pixar franchise, that was achieved. Whether you’ve seen any of the Cars films or not, this dark and atmospheric trailer that sees Lightning McQueen, the main character in this world of living vehicles, get into a gruesome crash that sends his parts flying definitely got the internet talking. What happens to a living car when it crashes? Is Pixar taking a dark turn with this film? Will it be a grim and gritty entry? We’ll have to wait till 2017 to find out, and in the meantime Pixar definitely got many of us interested for the moment.


It’s been a rough few years for Batman on the big screen, especially in 2016. While Ben Affleck was hailed as one of the stand outs in his performance as the caped crusader, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad met with very divisive reactions among critics and fans alike. So far 2017 is looking like it could be the start of a rebound for the character and the major reason for that is the fun and fresh looking The LEGO Batman Movie. The trailers for this film have showcased so many fun moments for the character spinning off from 2014’s The LEGO Movie, still voiced by Will Arnett, that it was hard to pick just one of them to feature here. In the end the trailer that includes a brooding Batman and Warner Bros. poking at themselves and some of the down moments of Batman film history was the clear choice.


While Batman has had a few rough years, the X-Men have had a roller coaster of up and down years since around 2006 when the third film in the franchise came out. That’s okay though, because the rough nature of a world that hates and fears and the down nature of the aging franchise plays perfectly well in the trailer for Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the clawed mutant Wolverine. Paired together with the wonderful Johnny Cash cover of Nine Inch Nail’s song “Hurt,” the trailer features Jackman’s Logan and Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier at the twilight years of their lives in a post apocalyptic future where mutants have been wiped out and it’s down to them to protect a young Laura Kinney, who in the comics is the clone of Wolverine known as X-23. The emotional trailer really speaks to the fact that it truly will be the end of an era when the two actors play these iconic parts for the final time.


In a time where many films, especially in series or franchises, have a release date/name/etc etched into stone years in advance, the sudden surprise appearance of this quasi Cloverfield sequel was a welcome one. The trailer takes a slow burn that goes from thinking maybe these people are all there of their free will, to tension ramping up as John Goodman’s character is clearly keeping them there, and ending with the twist that just maybe something even worse lies beyond the doors of the bunker. Hopefully 2017 and beyond brings more of these unexpected gem of trailers and films that haven’t been announced years ahead of time.


While many fans and critics will agree that the final product left much to be desired, it’s hard not to admit that even now this trailer is really good. This is the trailer that both helped and doomed the movie at the same time. The intense beats of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover through the trailer alongside the action and quips sold a lot of people on this film when they were previously unsure of what the Suicide Squad even was. Sadly that also reportedly led to Warner Bros. bringing in the team that cut this trailer to help cut the film differently to make it similar to the beloved trailer. While we’ll likely never know if that is true or what happened in production, we can keep watching this awesome trailer.


Peter Jackson’s King Kong back in 2005 was a film that most say you either liked or disliked, no real middle ground. The same can be said by many when it comes to Legendary’s reboot of Godzilla from 2014. That maybe true for both of those films, but so far the trailers for the next outing for King Kong, which takes place in the same universe as Godzilla, looks amazing! The Comic Con trailer is a bit better dramatically then the later trailer that was released, where they inject some humor with John C. Reilly, as it keeps the mystery of Kong by not showing much of him. This makes it so we can’t wait for the planned Godzilla vs. King Kong film in 2020.


Does this one really need a lot of explanation? Okay, we’ll still go for it. While there have been five previous Spider-Man feature films with two different actors in the red and blue spandex, this is the very first that is actually set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which instantly makes the film feel even better on principle as now everything that Marvel Studios has built over the last 8 years is part of the film’s canon. A Peter Parker actually in high school (instead of clearly adults playing at high school for five seconds in the previous films), along with Iron Man, the use of the Vulture and Shocker along with the humor and earnest nature that Tom Holland brings to the part puts this trailer near to our hearts.


Star Wars made it’s triumphant return to the big screen last year with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This year though we got a film that not many knew what to expect going into it, since it is the first big screen entry that is not part of the Skywalker saga that makes up the main trilogies. While the other trailers all had great things to offer to get us all ready for this first spinoff film, the very first teaser trailer set the mood quickly. From the alarm taking up the second half as action ramps up, to Forest Whitaker’s lines as Saw Guerra to that final shot of Felicity Jones Jyn Erso (even if it never made it to the film) got the skin tingling and the body ready to sit in seats come December.


As mentioned before, it wasn’t the best year overall for Warner Bros. when it came to their DC Comics based films. While both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were financial successes, they both were very divisive when it comes to fans and critics. Talk of being too gritty and dark and not great to female characters as well as a lot of muted and washed out color were some of the biggest complaints about the films. Then came the Wonder Woman trailer with bright beautiful colors, a female character taking charge and telling the male character she does what she wants to do, along with a story that seems to have some hope and brightness to it. While it’s too soon to tell if Wonder Woman will be the film that rights WB’s DCEC ship, this trailer seems to indicate it might just be what the film universe and the real world both need.


There was a time that people would have laughed (some still did) about the very idea of films for characters like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. Then Marvel Studios steadily proved itself and its films over the last eight years leading up to the latest one that finally tackled the world of magic. While the story of a character that is a jerk getting hurt or taken down and then coming back as a hero has been done (Iron Man), the trippy visuals were the first thing really caught attention when this trailer emerged. Flashing between images of the former version of Strange, the hurt and searching version and the version engaged in magic was a nice touch. Ending the trailer with various scenes showing the beautiful trippy and surreal visuals was the best. It showed that while the story had been told, it was going to be done in a way far different from the previous Marvel films.


The Fast and Furious films jumped a shark a long time ago when they moved from street racing films to heist or full on action films featuring fast cars and outrageous stunts with those cars. That being said, the series is so deliciously over the top that it’s hard to not keep watching whatever they put out. The trailer for the eighth, yes eighth, entry is no different. Cars smash into things, people end up in ridiculous situations, the crazy tank and plane stunts from the last two films is replaced by a submarine and Charlize Theron is thrown in as the new villain in the film that causes the team to have to take sides with their former villain played by Jason Statham. It’s perfectly everything that we want or expect out of these films.


One of two films that featured big time characters of a comic book universe fighting one another, there was something that Captain America: Civil War had going for it that brought it to this list over the great trailers of Batman V Superman: the debut of the MCU Spider-Man. While the trailer itself is great as it sets up the conflict and the sides, that final bit with a brand new Spider-Man making his big debut as a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just stole the show. It brought to life a moment that fans had been waiting a long time to see.


As previously mentioned, people have many differing opinions about Legendary Pictures’ 2014 Godzilla reboot. So many were excited when this trailer emerged for the release of Shin Godzilla, a reboot of the long-running series from Toho. It’s a very different type of trailer from the likes of the the ones form Legendary, from the great music to the fact that it focuses far more on reactions from characters and what they are doing moreso then upon Godzilla himself. It’s a trailer that feels far more Godzilla like for long-time fans that found the U.S reboot version to be lacking in many ways.


While this trailer doesn’t offer up much about what the film’s story will be about (its based off of a French comic titled Valérian and Laureline) it does show off the amazing visuals that Luc Besson, the director of The Fifth Element, is known for. Sprawling alien landscapes and alien species of every shape size and color fill the trailer alongside it’s stars Dane Dehaan and Cara Delevingne. It’s the type of trailer that leaves you asking a bunch of questions as you take in the beautiful nature, but the good type of questions. The type of trailer that makes you want to see the film to see if those questions are answered. It leaves you just enough to tantalize while not going too far in depth that you feel like you’ve seen the whole film. 


Saving the best for last? Why yes we did. There is no arguing that Guardians of the Galaxy was the surprise hit of the Marvel Studios lineup of films. Without the success of this film, Suicide Squad and others like it probably never would have come to be green lit. The original film proved that you can do comic book movies featuring characters that most of the general audience has never even heart of. You can make people cry from the interactions of a space raccoon and a walking talking tree. We are Groot indeed. This second trailer dives right back into the adventure and fun but amps it up as Baby Groot and Drax easily steal the show. There is not even a single ounce of the plot given away in this trailer and that is great, as the humor and interactions of the characters is what sells this film after what we saw in the first one. James Gunn and Marvel could never put out another trailer and the sequel is likely to be rolling in the money. It’s that good.


That wraps up our list of 15 of the best trailers from 2016. Did we miss some of the great trailers from this year? Let us know what your favorites were by commenting below, through Facebook or on Twitter!


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