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Doctor Who asks you to see the universe anew in the first trailer for series ten

After being off the air for a year, Doctor Who returned on Christmas Day with it’s annual Christmas Special and also brought along another gift: a trailer for series 10!

Arriving in the spring of 2017, the new series finds Peter Capaldi’s The Doctor picking up a new travelling companion in the form of Pearl Mackie’s Bill.

Bill brings in a whole new perspective that hasn’t been seen from the Doctor’s companions for quite a few years in the form of being totally fresh and new to the whole travelling through time and space aspect of the Doctor. Amy Pond was the girl who met him as a child and waited for the Doctor while the last companion Clara Oswald had huge ties through time to every regeneration of the Doctor.

The trailer capitalizes on Bill’s newness and curiosity by showing her asking a lot of questions and advertises the trailer with the line “see the universe anew.”

Doctor Who returns in spring 2017 on The BBC and BBC America.


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