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Warner Bros. has pushed Justice League 2 back for Ben Affleck’s Batman film

DC WB Justice League Team Shot

Since the very divisive reaction to Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year, there have been a lot of changes that have happened behind the scenes at Warner Bros. in regards to the DC Extended Universe.

The latest change is that Justice League 2 is now being pushed off the DC film schedule to make room for the Ben Affleck starring, written and directed Batman film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Originally Zack Snyder, who directed Batman V. Superman and Man of Steel, was going to move right into work on Justice League 2 after wrapping up next year’s Justice League, but the decision to move Batman into it’s place has given him the freedom to fit in a smaller-scale project.

The move has allowed Snyder to return to work on the thriller The Last Photograph, which focuses on a war correspondent in Afghanistan who teams up with a special ops soldier who is in search for his family, that he attempted to make following the success of 300.

There is a script for the project but no actors, Christian Bale and Sean Penn were originally attached, and the plan is to repackage the the project once the rights are regained and approach Warner Bros. with the aim to begin filming in late 2017.

Snyder still intends to direct the Justice League sequel once it’s back on Warner Bros. schedule. The move to change Justice League from two parts to two separate films was a good move previously and this move seems likely to be a good one as well.

After the issues that Man of SteelBatman V. Superman, and Suicide Squad have run into behind the scenes and with both fans and critics alike, not committing to two team films so soon is for the best. If Wonder Woman and Justice League succeed next year, it will make rolling into The Flash and Aquaman easier especially if they are then followed up by a proven cinema contender like Batman.

There is currently still no release date given for the Batman film.



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