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CBS casts Doug Jones & Anthony Rapp and confirms Michelle Yeoh for Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery

While the series is delayed until May 2017, the cast that will journey through the cosmos on the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery is coming together.

Following rumors and sources reporting the news, CBS has confirmed that Michelle Yeoh will play Captain Georgiou who is the Starfleet Captain of the starship Shenzhou. Unlike the series of the past, the series lead will not be a captain, and the female lead of the series is still in the casting process.

Doug Jones (The Strain) and Anthony Rapp (Rent) will join Yeoh as both have been cast as science officers for the series. Jones will play Lieutenant Saru, part of a brand new alien species in the Star Trek universe, while Rapp will play astromycologist and fungus expert Lieutenant Stamets. Rapp’s character is also the gay crew member that executive producer and former showrunner, Bryan Fuller previously mentioned would be part of the cast. 

Set ten years before the adventures of Kirk and company in Star Trek: The Original Series, the new series will focus on an event set during that time point in the Star Trek TV universe that hasn’t been fully explored.

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere it’s first episode on television, on CBS, before subsequent episodes will all appear only on the CBS All Access service in May 2017.

(Via: Deadline)



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