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Welcome to the brand new Geekfinity


When I started Geekfinity over two years ago, it was born of a simple dream: to combine my love of journalism with all my geeky/pop culture/entertainment love. Big ambitions and issues of life, lack of funds, and various other reasons led to the site seeming to hit a spot of stagnation where it felt like it was in a loop with no forward momentum.

That all changes starting today.

If you saw the posts on Twitter or Instagram over the last few weeks, today marks the day that a new Geekfinity begins to form. A Geekfinity 2.0 if you will.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, what does that mean? (Even if you aren’t asking that, I’m still going to tell you.)

That means a shift that starts now that will see the site move away from just being “breaking news” style pieces. Those pieces will still happen, because I enjoy being able to put a spotlight on the goings on within the entertainment world in regards to comic books, movies, TV Shows and gaming.

These changes mean that in addition to those news pieces there will also be far more features & opinion style pieces that put new light on the world of entertainment and those news items. This includes things like reviews of comic books or movies, TV show recaps, in-depth pieces on the state of comics books or movies and diversity, and so many other things.

Eventually the goal would be to get all these things coming on a regular basis with other pieces like interviews with content creators, pieces focused on cosplayers, video stories, podcasts and so much more. That is the goal, one I hope to reach as we keep chugging along.

As part of that change the areas of comics books, movies, TV shows and games (video games & board games and all the rest) will be the main focus of the sight to give a tighter focus rather than trying to cover all facets of entertainment alone.

The hope is that others will eventually come aboard to join me on this journey to provide you the best entertainment news/features that we can. With those others will come new ideas, new content and more focus on the things you want to hear or see about.

So, over the next few weeks more and more of this content will begin to slowly roll out and I hope that as it does you, the readers, let it be known how you feel about it. Tweet at me (@TheRedManScott or @TheGeekFinity) or email me ( or to let me know what works and what doesn’t work. Let me know what you want to see more of. Share with me the stories you think should be covered.

If you have ideas for stuff that you would want to do but are scared to jump into writing about them, contact me and maybe we can get you past that fear and kick start something great together!

So there it is, the changes to come for this site to enter a better future. A future that I hope you all are part of in some way. Whether as a reader or as a participant in this great medium of entertainment journalism.

With that, I officially welcome you to the new Geekfinity 2.0. I hope you enjoy the journey!

– Scott Redmond, Geekfinity Founder & Editor in Chief –


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