Elden Henson, Carrie-Anne Moss & Eka Darville confirmed to appear in Marvel & Netflix’s The Defenders

Netflix Defenders

The circle of allies for Marvel & Netflix’s The Defenders continues to grow. A day after revealing that Deborah Ann Woll & Simone Missick were set to appear as Karen Page and Misty Knight in the event series, the official Twitter account for The Defenders has revealed that Elden Henson, Carrie-Anne Moss and Eka Darville are all set to return in the series.

Henson & Moss return as lawyers Foggy Nelson and Jeri Hogarth while Darville returns as Jessica Jones neighbor and friend Malcolm Ducasse.

The three characters, as well as Misty & Karen, will stand alongside Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock/Daredevil), Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Finn Jones (Danny Rand/Iron Fist) and Sigourney Weaver who is expected to be playing the series villain.

This will mark the third Marvel/Netflix season appearance for Henson after the first two seasons of Daredevil, the fourth series appearance for Moss after Jessica Jones first season and appearances in Daredevil season two and the upcoming Iron Fist, and the second for Darville following Jessica Jones season one.

To what extent the characters will play in the series, whether just small appearances/cameos or more, is unknown at this point. The Defenders is expected to arrive in fall 2017.




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