Batman leads the fully formed February launching Justice League of America

The JLA now stands complete as DC Comics, through IGN, has now revealed the final three members of the February 2017 launching Justice League of America series that spins out of their winter Justice League vs Suicide Squad event.

Previously it was revealed that Vixen, The Atom (Ryan Choi), Killer Frost and The Ray would be part of the second Justice League team. Rounding out the initial team roster are Batman (playing double Justice League duty), Black Canary and the surprise addition of the cosmic bounty hunter Lobo.

The entire roster appears on the cover for issue one from series artist Ivan Reis.


Batman and Black Canary, of course, have long histories as part of the League in various incarnations before and after the New 52 reboot. Lobo, on the other hand, isn’t entirely known for working well with a team, though he has occasionally done so over the years.

“For some people, Lobo will be a hero. For others, he’ll be an anti-hero. It’s moving past these black and white definitions and realizing that you have to have a malleable idea to serve everyone instead of just the people in the mainstream,” series writer Steve Orlando told IGN. “Lobo, I think there’s more to him than ever before.”

Many fans will also be happy to notice that Lobo has been reverted to a form closer to the bulky bearded crass bounty hunter of old instead of the more recent slimmed-down clean-shaven version of recent years.

“I like to think that we’re giving people the Lobo that made him famous and as time goes on hopefully we can get into how we got there a little bit more,” Orlando said. “He’s the Lobo we all love, causing mayhem. He’ll be giving people what they want but at the same time, he does have a code. The main man’s word is his bond, man. I think that’s important.”

Besides the different rosters, Orlando said that his and Reis book will stand apart from Justice League because the two books have different points of views & mission statements.

“The places the Justice League of America go will be different because they’re tuned in to the different communities. They’re tuned into people that have never thought that they would see a superhero before, that they never thought they’d be thought of or heard by them,” Orlando said. “And besides the fact that they have a different face and a different roster, there’s an emotional quality that I think is different. This is about reinvention. It’s about rebuilding and it’s about putting heroism out in this world that matches the needs of the world today. And we’re going to do that on every page as much as we possibly can.”

Justice League of America #1 arrives in February.



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