A brighter world for mutants is coming as Marvel reveals some information on ReurrXion & it’s launch titles


With all the week’s teasers released, Marvel took some time to speak with X-Men editors Mark Paniccia and Daniel Ketchum to begin peeling back some of the mystery surrounding the relaunches and what ResurrXion means to the entire line.

The biggest take away from the interview is that the new era of the X-Men sees the mutants no longer facing extinction and instead will see them step into the light as bright colorful superheros trying to prove to the world that they can all stand together to reach the future.

They’ll have costumes with capes, a school, and softball games. Oh, there will be softball games,” Ketchum said. “The goal is to tell exciting new X-Men stories while keeping an eye on the tropes and touchstones that longtime X-Men fans cherish.”

With Generation X and Weapon X both being books that have been run before, Ketchum said that the new versions will follow the tone and spirit of the previous runs but will tell their own unique stories.


The two books were described:

With GENERATION X we’re tapping into the demand for the school book. The school is such a big part of the X-Men mythos it feels wrong not to have a series devoted to it for this long. And I think readers will like the cast and the creative team. This will be a book that will seem familiar but it’s going to have a very fresh vibe to it and I can see it being a very endearing run for fans of this kind of book.

So, GENERATION X will bring you plenty of teenage drama, school uniforms, awkward kissing, and young X-Men being thrown into peril that would test the mettle of even the most seasoned veterans. And—of course—Jubilee. Because how could you do a GENERATION X book without Jubilee?

WEAPON X is our darkest book and that’s an understatement. I’m asking my writer to push the boundaries on this, go as far as we can take it in the rating. I haven’t done a lot of dark books in my career at Marvel. I’ve always had that itch I wanted to scratch. This is going into the abyss. Visceral. Shocking. You’ll step back and for a minute and be like “What the [expletive] just happened? Did they really do that? I’m loving this!!!”



Many were surprised by the reveal of first time ongoing series for both Jean Grey and Iceman, but the two editors said there was a reason for their books.

“These are characters rich with stories to tell. And characters readers want to read about,” Paniccia said. “We’ve given a lot of face time to other characters and felt it was time to put the spotlight on two of these beloved cast members.”


The last reveals were the two team books, X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, and the choice of those names pulled from the past tells a lot about the direction of the books and their rosters.

These are the return to the quintessential X-Men team books. Rosters you’re going to love. The kinds of stories we all grew up on,” Paniccia said. “You’re going to dig them and maybe even feel a little competition between the books, trying to outdo each other. If I do my job right, there will be readers who are Team Blue or Team Gold. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll enjoy both but you will have a home team.”

While creative teams are still a mystery, Paniccia and Ketchum said that those chosen have a love for the X-Men and bring an energy to the book. They also said that some are creators that readers are familiar with and others are new voices to the line.

ResurrXion kicks off in Spring 2017 with the launch of Cable, Generation X, Iceman, Jean Grey, Weapon X, X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold. 


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