A new Weapon X title joins Iceman as part of ResurrXion in Spring 2017

Another day, another revealed ResurrXion title launch from Marvel Comics. Following the reveal of an Iceman series, Marvel Entertainment shared a new teaser for a Weapon X series that is listed as coming in Spring 2017 as well.


Just like the Iceman teaser, there is no creative team listed or any other details given about the series other than the images that populate the teaser. While the previous one was just various images of Iceman from over the years, this one features images of different characters that are all tied to the Weapon X program in some way.

Weapon X, of course, was the program that created Wolverine, and led to the creation of The Facility that created X-23, and was later a team-book series that featured the likes of Sabretooth, Marrow, Sauron and many others.

So far there haven’t been a lot of details about ResurrXion other than it starts next year after the X-Men & Inhuman events Death of X and IVX, and that it looks to be a banner/initiative that centers around newly launching or possibly relaunching titles.

Check back all week to see what other teasers are dropped by Marvel.



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