Marvel’s mystery new Star Wars ongoing series is Doctor Aphra by Gillen & Walker

doctor-aphra-1-coverAfter various hints were put out and a tease of a new title called Star Wars: Classified, StarWars.com has revealed that Marvel Comics brand new third ongoing Star Wars related series, to replace the just concluded Star Wars: Darth Vader, is Star Wars: Doctor Aphra.

As the teases gave away previously the new series will be written by Kieron Gillen, following up on his run on Darth Vader. Art for the series will be provided by Kev Walker (Uncanny Inhumans). Doctor Aphra will come out monthly alongside the ongoing Star Wars and Poe Dameron titles.

Doctor Aphra first appeared in Darth Vader #3 and assisted Darth Vader as he sought the rebel pilot that took down the Death Star. Along the way, she activated the murderous droids BT-1 and 0-0-0 and also helped Vader with various other plots and issues as he worked to rise back into the favor of the Emperor.

The title is the first of the line to focus on a character that was not within any of the films previously. Gillen lays out the focus of the series in the interview with StarWars.com, but beware of spoilers if you haven’t finished Darth Vader yet.

“It’s Marvel’s first ongoing starring an original character, not from the movies. There’s so much to like about Star Wars, I sort of sit back and say, “Oh, I should be more freaked out than I am.” [Laughs] The story I always tell is, Empire Strikes Back was the first movie I saw in the cinema. So essentially, me writing the lead-in to my own entry into pop culture [with Darth Vader], that should be some existential crisis,” Gillen said. “In actual fact, it’s been joyous and freeing and actually, incredibly good fun. In the same way as this, but with a weird level of pressure upon it as a character who’s been a big part of this story. But you know, she’s not like, somebody in the movies. She’s not somebody with a built-in fanbase. The idea of doing something like that, oh yeah, that’s certainly intimidating…but I like intimidating. It keeps it fun.”

Doctor Aphra #1 picks up in the aftermath of the conclusion of Darth Vader #25 and finds her traveling alongside the Wookie bounty hunter Black Krrsantan, BT-1 and 0-0-0. The first two issues of the series debut in December.








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