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CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery” will have companion novels and comic book series

Star Trek Discovery

CBS’ new series Star Trek: Discovery won’t be the only way that fans will be able to return to the Star Trek Prime Universe, the one that came before the 2009 film reboot, in 2017.

During a panel at the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention, Mission New York, Star Trek: Discovery writer and producer Kristen Beyer announced that she and CBS are working with Simon & Schuster and IDW Publishing to launch various books and comic book series that are companions of the new TV series.

Beyer, who also wrote many of the recent Simon & Schuster Star Trek: Voyager novels, said she’ll be working with David Mack, who also written many Star Trek novels, for the Simon & Schuster companion books and comic book writer Mike Johnson, who writes the IDW comics based upon the J.J. Abrams 2009 reboot film series, on the new companion comic series.

There were no details about any of the stories to be told, and whether they’ll be novels and comics told with the same crew or just set within the same time period as the new show, but it’s likely that more information will start to emerge as Star Trek: Discovery approaches it’s debut in January on the CBS All Access streaming service.


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