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SDCC: Doctor Strange & The Punisher team-up for Marvel’s next Infinite Comics series

Doctor Strange Punisher

Sometimes the oddest of couples make for the best stories. That’s the idea behind Doctor Strange/The Punisher: Magic Bullets, the latest digital Infinite Comic series announced by Marvel during San Diego Comic Con.

The team-up story comes from writer John Barber, who has worked on some Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comics in the past. Seeing Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato bring the characters together to solver a mystery in 2014’s Original Sin event helped spur on Barber’s idea for the new story.

“That got me thinking about Strange, who’s one of the most interesting and cool Marvel characters. And I started thinking about an idea I had about a villain-type guy who saw these fantastical realms that Strange frequents, and was just horrified by what he saw; and I remembered when Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato had Strange with Punisher in Original Sin, it was a really interesting pairing,” Barber said to “They were both a little out of their element in that comic, which kinda put them on equal footing. But the idea of having these two characters who both are part of the darker, shadowy recesses of the Marvel Universe, getting jammed together and seeing how different—and similar—those shadows can be, that just seemed really intriguing.”

The amount of issues and the exact date for the release of the series are unknown at this time. Doctor Strange/The Punisher: Magic Bullets arrives this fall.



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