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SDCC: The world & its dangers get bigger in the midseason return trailer for “Fear The Walking Dead”

AMC debuted a trailer for the second half of Fear The Walking Dead‘s second season at San Diego Comic Con, and it finds all the main group of characters separated and confronting a world they might not be ready for or able to survive.

Much like how the cast separated in season four of the original The Walking Dead, this group appears to meet various other groups that are trying to survive in the new world order as well as new dangers from both humans and zombies alike.

The question of Daniel’s survival after the first at Celia’s compound in the mid-season finale isn’t answered in the trailer, and neither is the question of if all the cast will come be able to find one another to reunite, if they even want to be reunited.


Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC on August 21.


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