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SDCC: DC & IDW team-up once again for “Batman/TMNT Adventures” & “Star Trek/Green Lantern” miniseries

DC Comics and IDW Publishing teaming up and crossing over characters from their respective publishing lines is becoming quite the tradition, and now word has come down that the tradition will continue with two new miniseries.

Nerdist first reported that the two companies will be following up last year’s popular Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles miniseries, which teamed up the current comics Batman with the shelled heroes from the current long running IDW series, with a brand new series that will bring together the dark knight and the heroes in a half shell.   Batman/TMNT Adventures will be different though as it brings together the Batman of the hugely popular Batman: The Animated Series and the Ninja Turtles from the animated Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

Batman TMNT Adventures

Written by Matthew K. Manning, who has written both Batman and Ninja Turtles comics, and illustrated by TMNT Amazing Adventures artist Jon Sommariva, the series follows Batman in pursuit of his foes that have escaped Arkham Asylum and have crossed into the world of the Turtles meaning that the caped crusader will have to team up with them to bring down the villains. Enemies from the Turtles side will also appear and join the fray, with the supporting casts of both likely to make appearances.

The six-issue series starts in November.

Alongside the second Batman/Ninja Turtles crossover, the two companies will also be putting out a sequel to 2015’s Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War series which will once again team-up the members of the Enterprise crew with members of the Green Lantern Corps, according to Comic Book Resources.

The new miniseries will be written by Mike Johnson and will be drawn by Angel Hernandez.

The new miniseries is expected to include other cosmic heroes and villains that are familiar to fans of both series, and comes out near the end of the year as well.

Star Trek - Green Lantern



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