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SDCC: Dynamite Entertainment will publish new “Nancy Drew” & “The Hardy Boys” comic books

In 2017 Dynamite Entertainment will expand their library of licensed comics with the news that they have reached an arrangement with Simon & Schuster to create brand new comic book adventures with literary detectives Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

For almost 90 years, Nancy Drew debuted in 1927 and the Hardy Boys in 1930, the teen detectives have remained popular characters among young audiences. Working independently and even teaming up to solve some cases, the characters have appeared in novels, TV shows, movies, video games, previous comic book stories and many other mediums over the years.

Dynamite Nancy Drew

“One of the goals at Dynamite has been to expand not only our audience but to draw new readers into the wonderful world of comics. Working with Simon & Schuster on Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys will help that campaign. With original graphic novels, manga, and periodical comic books coming their way, pre-teen, teen, and grown-up fans will have plenty of opportunities to experience these beloved characters – and their captivating mysteries – in our distinctly visual medium,” said Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite in a press release. “These characters cast a shadow over pop culture throughout the world, and almost every child since their creation has come into contact with their stories and adventures. To have been granted the opportunity to work with such icons as these is truly exciting, and we will work hard to create something special for future detectives of all ages.”

While the books are known to be arriving in 2017, there is currently no creative team or firm release dates for either Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys series. The press release encourages fans to keep an eye on Dynamite’s social media channels for future updates about the books.


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