A renewal guarantees three more seasons of phrasing & the danger zone for FX’s “Archer”

Archer Season 7

If the season 7 finale of Archer left you unsure of the series future, don’t worry there will be more seasons and years to come for the Archer crew. Three more seasons in fact.

FX made the announcement that the spies turned into private detectives animated series will be coming back for an eight, ninth and tenth season with the network. All three of the new seasons will consist of eight episodes, slightly fewer than normal, with season eight arriving in early 2017. Currently there is no dates set for the next two seasons but it’s pretty likely they’ll arrive in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The renewals are part of an new overall production deal between FX and series creator Adam Reed’s Floyd County Productions.

In the lead up to season 7, which saw the characters leave behind the world of New York and spying for the sunny skies of LA and private eye work, Reed stated that the changes made for the show were not planned as a one-off style season like season five’s drug running Archer Vice turn. Meaning that season 8 will continue on the storyline of them in Los Angeles and deal with the aftermath of the season finale that left a pretty big cliffhanger.




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