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The E3 trailer for Quantic Dream’s “Detroid: Become Human” is intense

Sony  released a trailer for Quantic Dream’s new game Detroit: Become Human, a Playstation 4 exclusive, during E3 2016 and it looks pretty intense. Like their previous games 2013’s Beyond: Two Souls and 2010’s Heavy Rain, this game follows in the narrative-centric tradition.

Following a negotiator android named Connor, the scene shows Connor investigating a crime scene and confronting an android named Daniel that has turned and killed officers and taken the daughter of the family he serves hostage.

After Daniel can’t be talked down and jumps off the roof with the girl, the trailer rewinds and shows that there are tons of different outcomes for the game based upon the choices the player makes. Each one is just as intense as the last.

There is currently no release date for the game.



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