Marvel’s latest “Dead No More” teaser promises that everything we’ve been told is wrong

The teasers for Marvel’s Spider-Man story Dead No More kicked up a notch as instead of one static image, this time the company just dropped an animated gif that features many previously released images.

It also comes with the ominous message “Everything you’ve been told is wrong” followed by “The Conspiracy Revealed This Week.”


Marvel first teased the storyline at the start of the year and eventually revealed that it was a Spider-Man event that kicked off with a short story in the FCBD Captain America #1 issue in May. In that story Spider-Man learned about the Rhino’s return and that Vanessa Fisk, the wife of Wilson Fisk the Kingpin, who had died years before seemingly just died recently.

It was also revealed to the reader at the end that the long thought dead Gwen Stacy possibly may not be as dead as was thought as she was seen working alongside the masked man in the red suit that has popped up in the teasers and scenes in The Amazing Spider-Man issues.

With this Conspiracy that is teased, it could be that something about the storyline was put there to mislead us the readers now or knowing Slott, who is well known for digging deep into Marvel canon and continuity for many of his stories, it could very well be that something we’ve thought about Spider-Man and his world all these years has always been a lie.

Stay tuned this week for any other teasers or information that arrives from Marvel.





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