“Steve Rogers: Captain America #1” drops a pretty major revelation

*Spoilers for Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 are ahead. Don’t click if you haven’t read it yet*

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-000


Not content to let DC Comics be the only one with big things happening in their comics this week, with the potentially controversial DC Universe: Rebirth #1 having arrived, Marvel Comics had a pretty huge revelation of their own when it comes to the new comic book series for the recently returned Steve Rogers to the role of Captain America.

Nick Spencer did a lot in the start of the issue to show the 75 year history of Captain America. These included flashbacks to a moment in Steve’s youth with his mother and his abusive father and things like bringing his partner Sharon Carter back to the forefront of comics. There is even a moment given to Sharon where it’s revealed that she is next up in line for the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. position now that Maria Hill, who is still the public face of the organization for the moment, is facing a secret tribunal for her actions in the Pleasant Hill events of the recent Avengers: Standoff event.

Spencer even brings back 90s sidekicks Free Spirit and Jack Flag, and even briefly mentions Flag’s more recent 2000s stint with the Guardians of the Galaxy, alongside longtime Marvel Universe sidekick to many Rick Jones, who returned during the aforementioned Avengers: Standoff event.

The issue reads like an almost standard Captain America comic, with modern twists, by having Steve taking down members of the Red Skull’s revived Hydra and tracking down Baron Zemo who escaped at the end of Standoff.

It’s not till the last pages of the issue that the big revelations begin to fall.

Things take a turn in the flashbacks where we see that a woman that saved Steve and his mom from the abusive father wants Sarah Rogers to join a community group that has a very familiar logo.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-029

Then in the present Jack Flag leaps to Steve’s rescue against Baron Zemo and surprisingly the hero is rewarded by being thrown from a plane by the returned Captain America.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-030

Then the biggest bombshell drops, as Steve reveals he’s part of the organization he’s been fighting for most of his hero career.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-031

Captain America is a member of Hydra, or so it appears.

What do you think that this revelation will mean for Steve Rogers going forward? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or through Facebook or Twitter.


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