Spoiler: DC Comics shares the final splash page from “DC Universe: Rebirth #1” online

*Spoilers Ahead: If you don’t want to see anything from DC Universe: Rebirth #1, turn back now*

DC Rebirth Teaser

Ahead of it’s release tomorrow, DC Comics shared the final splash page from DC Universe: Rebirth #1 which kicks off their line-wide relaunch and reshuffling of titles to move forward from their previous New 52 and DC You endeavors.

Pieces of the page were shared through DC’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account as well as the official Facebook page for Batman.

The image features the roster of characters that will appear in already announced DC Rebirth titles, and likely some that have yet to be announced based on some of the characters appearing in the photo.

DC Rebirth Final

One giant take away from the photo is that the heroes are smiling, and looking heroic. It’s not a grim and gritty type picture with everyone looking serious, which fits with the recent talk from writer Geoff Johns and others at DC about Rebirth being a way to bring some hope, optimism, and legacy back into the DC Comics line.

Everyone from the trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman appear along with various members of each of their respective supporting casts and “families” all the way to the new Super-Man Kenan Kong to the members of the Suicide Squad and the likes of Bumblebee, Vixen, Captain Marvel Jr and Mary Marvel making their big return in some cases.

Written by Johns the issue is 80 pages for $2.99 featuring art from Ivan Reis, Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Phil Jimenez and more. The issue officially goes on sale tomorrow but various comic shops are having midnight release parties where the issue will be available.


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