Comixology launches their own monthly comic book subscription service

Comixology Unlimited

Comics books, like most other long-form media, can be daunting to dive into because of costs and finding out where to start in many cases. It can be part of what keeps new readers from diving into the medium.

Enter Comixology and their new program, Comixology Unlimited. 

Acting basically like a Netflix for comics, the service allows users to pay $5.99 a month, with a 30-day trial to start off, to get unlimited access to popular comics and collections from the more independent publishers like Darkhorse, Archie, Image and others. Just like the aforementioned Netflix, titles will be cycled in and out of the Unlimited library including both bigger named comics and the more obscure titles from various publishers.

The various issues, graphic novels and mangas that are part of the service will clearly be marked with an unlimited banner. This includes popular titles like HellboySaga, The Walking DeadAttack on TitanBuffy the Vampire Slayer and more.

Since Marvel has it’s own similar service, Marvel Unlimited, and since DC hasn’t seemed interested to broach this type of way to get comics to the masses it’s unlikely that either will have a presence on the new Comixology Unlimited, but that could change.

Similar to how Spotify and Spotify Premium work, the regular Comixology will remain just the same as it always has with titles from all the publishers including Marvel and DC being available for purchase. Following the example of these other platforms even more, Comixology Unlimited will even come with recommendation tools and will spotlight titles from publishers that they think you will enjoy.

The service is now available to dive into, but currently is only available for audiences in the United States with plans to expand in the future.



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