‘Supergirl’ officially renewed but moving to The CW

Supergirl Flash Featured

Supergirl fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the maid of might has defeated possible cancellation but they will have to make a change as the series is making a jump from CBS to The CW for season two, according to Variety. 

The series has been rumored to make such a move all the way back to the moment it was announced. Many saw it as a strange fit for the normally older-skewing CBS, and after CBS head Les Moonves promised the show would be renewed but it wasn’t by the season finale, the rumors surfaced again.

Most sources reporting the rumors of a move attributed the possible move to how much it was costing CBS to license the show from Warner Bros., declining ratings as well as the fact that filming in Vancouver alongside the other CW DC shows would be far cheaper than filming in Los Angeles.

There is no word yet about if the network change will lead to the series actually moving to film in Vancouver, which would potentially mean an entire cosmetic change since the series National City is heavily based upon LA. Also, there is no word about what this will mean for the series compared to the other CW DC shows ArrowThe Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow since Supergirl was established as taking place in a different universe during a crossover with The Flash earlier this year.




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